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Breaking Down Conflict with TED Talks

What comes to mind when you hear the word “conflict”? And how about when you hear “conflict resolution”? Many of us are taught from a young age that we should avoid conflict and that it’s not a positive thing. And for others, conflict was around every corner growing up, depending on their individual home life circumstances, and that creates a desire to avoid conflict as an adult, too. But we don’t have to avoid conflict. And, in fact, learning how to confront conflict, resolve it, and move on is a great skill to have!

From work to family and strangers, we are all going to encounter conflict. Whether it comes in political discussions, fights with toddlers, or with a coworker, conflict is here to stay. For the month of June, we are focusing on ways in which conflict is represented, how to resolve it, and so much more. Stay tuned!

Learn from others

To start, we found some excellent TED Talks to share. Each one has some great, unique insights to share that just might help you with any current conflicts you’re facing.

Jonathan Marks: In Praise of Conflict

Marks is a lawyer and bioethicist and tackles conflict on a big scale. He discusses how we are taught that conflict is bad and compromise and consensus are good, unpacks these ideas, and then expands them to how governments are working. This talk was from 2017, and is still relevant to so much of what we see going on globally in politics today.

Julia Dhar: How To Disagree Productively and Find Common Ground

If there’s someone who knows about conflict, it’s a world debate champion! Dhar offers three techniques to use when talking with others to find common ground so that people can disagree productively. Meaning, not just argue but actually get somewhere. These tips will prove helpful for those caught in family and work arguments.

Robin Funsten: How Understanding Conflict Can Help Improve Our Lives

The last TED Talk we are sharing is from a woman who deals with conflict for a living. Funsten is a mediator, conflict consutant, educator and more and has made confronting conflict part of her every day. She also helps others better understand the power of conflict and how it can produce positive change in our lives.

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