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100 Cards. 500 Questions. Limitless Experiences.
Authentic Agility Game's kids and family tabletop discussion game What's wrong with grown-ups

What's Wrong With Grown-ups?

Get real with your kids on game night. Don't wait until they're adults to learn what's on their minds! 
Authentic Agility Game's original best-selling tabletop conversation game How Do you see the world

How Do You See the World?

Why are you the way you are? Roll the dice and explore how you (and those around you) see the world!
Authentic Agility Game's political and religious tabletop discussion game why can't we all just get along

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Leave your bubble and open your mind. You may have more in common than you think!

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A New Experience Every Time You Play

With 500 questions and unlimited players, no two gameplay experiences are ever the same. Simply roll the dice, match the dice symbol to a question on the card, and take turns answering. You’ll get to know the other players—and yourself—a little better!

Play Anytime, Anywhere

Take our games on road trips, add them to your game night mix, use them in your classroom, or pack a couple for your summer vacation. They’re the perfect packable packages to play. Say that three times fast!

Have Fun and Make an Impact

When you play our games you’re changing your perspective. And when you buy our games, you’re changing the lives of people you don’t even know. We donate proceeds from our games to educational and entrepreneurial organizations. So go ahead and roll the dice and make a difference!

Upcoming Editions

Women's Edition

Celebrate being fiercely female.

Professional Edition

Be a lifelong learner.

Couples Edition

Get cheeky with your special someone.

What People are Saying

If your party guests don’t know one another very well, this game is the perfect ice breaker. It gently forces people outside of their comfort zones by asking compelling questions.”
– Oprah Magazine
We had gotten to know each other much better in a shorter period of time than we would have without the cards.”
– Andrea White
Houston Chronicle Contributor & Amazon Reviewer
The best gift for people who love to travel. Too much time up in the air, on a train or in a car? This is an ingenious solution that will enthrall you throughout any epic journey."
– New York Post
This engaging card game can be played around the family dinner table or with friends. It teaches acceptance and tolerance, and encourages players to go beyond their comfort zone while learning how others view the world.”
– Everyday Family
If I could give this game 10 stars, I would and I highly recommend it to everyone . . . best game ever!”
– Sugene,
Amazon Reviewer

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