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What’s Your Focus?

Supporting The Policy Circle


Empowering women through meaningful conversation, What’s Your Focus? card deck is built around original, thoughtfully curated Policy Circle Briefs that frame the issues, provide historical context, explore avenues for reform, and encourage local engagement. A roundtable discussion that allows you to go beyond the headlines, share your views, and trust your voice to engage.


  • 62 cards
  • 30 categories
  • 1 keepsake box
  • Endless conversations

Categories from What’s Your Focus?


“This game is not only fun, but it is a great way for family and friends to have meaningful discussions about what is important to them and what individuals value. Be ready for some surprises . . . !”
—Amazon Reviewer

“Absolutely the best conversation game I’ve ever played. Awesome for parties or just to create family dialogue.”
—Amazon Reviewer

“Amazing game for opening your mind, learning about yourself and friends, provoking thought, acceptance and change. Play alone for some soul searching or with family and friends to learn about each other and deepen relationships. It WOWs me every time I pick it up.”
—Amazon Reviewer

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A different kind of game

A fun way to share, learn, and take in different perspectives on various facets of policies that impact your life. Portions of the proceeds will be donated by Authentic Agility Games and The Policy Circle to organizations that advance education and entrepreneurial initiatives.

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