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Let’s Talk: Authentic Agility Roundtables

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Talking about apologies

One of our roundtable discussions asked people: Under what circumstances have you given a heartfelt apology? This is a tough question and you can tell that for some of the participants, it was hard to answer. But we think their honesty is brave and something we’ve all experienced.

You can watch the video or read the transcript below.


Under what circumstances have you given a heartfelt apology?

Hmm… well I had to apologize to a friend or just
recognizing my own shortcomings as a supportive friend for her and promising to do better. You can’t get to the heartfelt apology part without
recognizing where your own right shortcomings were to get there.

I a couple months ago had a really bad conversation with my mom where I said some personal stuff that I shouldn’t have said and it like triggered her and it was of such a sad phone conversation that got really ugly and then ten minutes later I had to call and be like I’m so sorry I did intentionally use a few words that I knew would hurt you and I’m so sorry. It was mature kind of like a accidental landmine you know and then you realize how bad words can hurt

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