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Measuring the Success of Resolutions

With the new year (and a new decade) comes a lot of new beginnings. Many people will set resolutions or intentions for change and these resolutions can look a number of ways. We’ve written about different ways to set resolutions and also about focusing on acceptance, rather than change, in the new year.

If you decided to set some resolutions, how do you go about measuring the success? There’s a lot of helpful information out there on how to keep resolutions and even how to set them so that you’re more likely to attain your goals. But if your goals aren’t about weight loss or gain or something else that can be measured by a number, how do you measure the success of the resolutions?

Start with clear goals

As we said above, it’s important to set clear goals when it comes to resolutions or intentions for the year. You can read more about how to do that here, if you haven’t already. If you have a goal to connect with your friends and family, you can measure the success of that by taking note of how many times you ask them a question, how often you talk to them face-to-face, or even by a number of planned hangouts for the month or year.

Or if you have a resolution to get outside more, be sure to take note of when you go for a walk, hike, or enjoy some time on your patio outside. If you set clear goals it can help you have some objectivity about your daily activities and where you might want to change things.

Connect with others

One of the best ways to have success when it comes to resolutions is to not go it all alone. Plus, we think setting a resolution to connect with your friends and family is a great way to start the year! Got a game night planned? Be sure to bring How Do You See The World? so that you have plenty of questions to get the conversation started. The game can also bring about some great conversations and help you and others learn new things.

We also recommend scheduling time to put your phone away and disconnect. We like to disconnect to connect and it’s an easily measurable resolution. Have you stepped away from your phone for an hour or two? Easy to check off any list! And it means you stay more present with those around you or give yourself time to meditate, read, or tend to other resolutions you have for the new year.

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