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The Power of Perspective in Personal Relationships

Perspective is a powerful tool. And that’s why this month we are focusing on showcasing the many angles of perspective. From learning how to change your own perspective to being more considerate of how other people see things, we are compiling relevant articles, blogs, and more to help you expand your perspective.

Last week we curated several resources that discuss why being open to other perspectives if a key component to being a successful leader. And the first week, we discussed how a variety of perspectives help highlight the importance of diverse ideas in the workplace and drive successful campaigns. This week we are curating some blogs for you to discuss how changing your perspective (or just being open to new ones) can also have a big impact on your personal life and relationships.

Celebrating the Differences in Humanity

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing offers great information to get anyone started. They list why seeking diverse perspectives is important, noting that diversity IS creativity and that positive outcomes happen when we “push our differences,” and even give a few simple principles and practices. If you want more, you can also check out their exercises to deepen your understanding, which is a list of great questions that everyone should consider.

If you want to explore the science behind how diverse perspectives help our society, then this article from Scientific American is for you. They note that often we can recognize that having a diverse group working on a research problem makes sense–lots of perspectives means more creative solutions. But this also applies to diverse societies because we need diversity to grow, change, and innovate in society, too.

Perspective in Relationships

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows the power of perspective. It’s important for good communication, because being able to see a situation from someone else’s eyes helps with empathy and connection. As this Good Therapy article lays out, having a positive or negative perspective on moments, over time, can have a compound effect on any relationship.

Another good article for considering the power of perspective in relationships comes from Tony Robbins. He discusses the power of empathy and gives people three questions to consider, to make sure you’re really considering your partner’s perspective: “What are you seeing that I am not? What have you experienced in your past that has led you to this belief? How can I use this as an opportunity to know you better?”

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