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Taking Inspiration from Driven People Part 1

For the month of July, we’ve been exploring what it means to be a “modern unicorn” on social media. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to check us out! Modern unicorns are people who are committed to their ideas, passions, and work and it really shows. You may find some of these people inspiring or you may find that you disagree with their ideas. Whatever the case, these modern unicorns are pushing the boundaries and creating new and important conversations.

To continue this idea, we want to share some TED Talks from people that we think are modern unicorns and who are incredibly inspiring. Hopefully these videos of the talks will get the wheels turning in your minds! Who knows what you might discover.

Elon Musk

Whether you agree with Musk’s ideas or inventions, you had to admit that he is changing conversations and the space technology landscape. This TED Talk tackles a lot of different topics, many of which are sure to spur your imagination.

Malala Yousafzai

Although Malala hasn’t given a TED Talk yet, her father has and he is very outspoken about the importance of access to education for women and girls, echoing the ideals of his daughter. The TED Talk is an absolute inspiration and Malala is a true modern unicorn. If you haven’t checked out her non-profit the Malala Fund or her book I Am Malala, you’re in for a real inspirational treat.

J.K. Rowling

When you start thinking of people who might be modern unicorns, J.K. Rowling is a name that immediately comes to mind. Author of the hugely successful series Harry Potter, Rowling is now a household name. In this TED Talk, she discusses hard lessons she learned and gives some great advice to aspiring authors and creatives.

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