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Unique Ways to Give Thanks this Holiday Season

What’s that noise in the distance? Is it bells? Am I hearing someone…laugh? Oh wait, it’s THE HOLIDAYS! Now that Halloween has officially passed, the holiday decor is out on the shelves at stores, turkey orders are coming in at the grocery, and soon it will be time to dust off that box of lights in the garage.

The holiday time from November through January means many different things to people, but one common theme is giving thanks. It’s never too early to start planning how you’d like to give thanks this year, or to whom, so we’ve gathered some unique and fun ways to give thanks this year.

Giving Thanks to Friends and Family

Maybe you’ve had a difficult 2019 and you’d like to show your thanks to your friends and family for sticking by your side, supporting you, or just making you laugh during stressful times. It’s a wonderful thing to give to someone when we expect nothing in return. And it’s also rewarding to show people that you noticed their attention and care. Consider one of these options for thanking the people in your life who made your year just a little bit brighter.

Make a donation

Consider making a donation to a charity in their name. If you know your friend loves animals and that friend was there for you during a difficult time, then make a donation to a local pet shelter or nonprofit in their name. It not only shows how thankful you are but it also shows you’re a great listener!

Send a care package

Do you have a friend or family member who recently moved far away? Or maybe they had to move for a job? For people who aren’t settled in new communities yet, the holidays can be quite hard. And sending a care package of all of their favorites is a great way to show you care and to thank them.

Bring something extra special to dinner

If you’re not the host of Thanksgiving or other holiday gatherings this year, then bring your host a unique gift. It shows thoughtfulness and care and is a good way to open the door to expressing all the ways in which you are thankful for them. You could bring How Do You See The World? to get everyone talking about big ideas. It’s a great gift because it’s perfect for after the dinner party!

Giving Thanks At The Dinner Table

If your family thanksgiving, or your friendsgiving, takes a more traditional approach to giving thanks around the dinner table before you all enjoy the meal, then it’s time to get ready! Being put on the spot can be hard and being asked to say what you’re thankful for in front of family and/or friends can definitely dial up the anxiety for some. But we are here to help you prepare your thoughts well in advance.

Preparation is key!

Don’t be caught off guard when the question makes it’s way around the table and suddenly you’re asked ‘What are you thankful for this year?” Start thinking about it now. Consider jotting little notes down in your journal or even type out some notes to yourself on your phone. Whatever medium works for you!

Think outside the giving box

It’s absolutely fine to give thanks in a traditional way–being thankful for friends and family, a good job, time together, and so on. But since we all have a tendency to not express our gratitude outside of the holidays, consider this an opportunity to share something special, open, and honest.

Are you thankful for support at a specific moment? Maybe you made it through a difficult moment in 2019 or are grieving and have received support in that process. Ask yourself: what do I remember most about 2019? Those answers will help you formulate what you’re truly thankful for this year. You can also grab cards from How Do You See The World? They are a great way to learn more about yourself.

Giving quiet thanks

And if you just really hate public speaking, that’s ok, too! Try using something like these notes. You can write what you are thankful for on notes for everyone at the dinner table and pass them around. Or, if it’s just too hard to say certain things out loud, ask a friend or family member to read your thanks aloud.

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