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A Taste of the Game

Are you curious about the game How Do You See The World? but you’re not sure what to expect? We understand that the game is unique–in the best way!–and we want to share that with you. So to show you what a night of playing the game might look like, we’ve shared some of our favorite questions below.

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Back to School Memories

Large display of question: What is your favorite high school memory

It’s Labor Day weekend and most kids are either back in school or about to kick off another school year. So this school question is timely. Do you have a favorite high school memory? When was the last time you reflected on that point in your life? This is also a great question to ask the teen currently in high school. You never know what you may learn about their school experience so far.

Career or Passion?

large display of question: why did you choose the job you chose?

Another great question for friends, family, partners, and college students and high schoolers. Sometimes thinking about one’s job can bring a lot of new information to light. Maybe this will expose someone’s desire for a new career or help them better understand why they’ve stayed in a job for 10 years. The possibilities are endless!

Meditation Perspectives

large display of question: how do you silence your mind?

More people are trying out meditation now, whether it’s mindfulness mediation or yoga or even handstands. There are many ways to ground oneself and try to quiet the mind. And we find that every person has their own unique way of doing so. What’s yours? How do you silence the noise?

If these questions have already got you thinking about big answers and interesting topics, then hundreds more await you in the full box set! We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do.

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