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What Do People Think of How Do You See The World?

We know that we love our game How Do You See The World? and you know that we love it, but we realize that everyone can’t just take our word for it. If you’ve been curious about the game, but haven’t yet committed to adding it to your game night collection, then we have a few reviews just for you.

Take it from these people, who have played the game and are happy to share their surprise, experiences, and more with you. And if you decide to take the plunge and buy the game, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you learned or what surprised you when you played with others. And even better, how you surprised yourself. You never know what you may be asked and what you uncover about yourself.

If you missed our first round of reviews, you can check it out here. But if you are just looking for a few more opinions, then enjoy the reviews below!

A Parent’s Perspective

photo of Grace, who is a parent to both a tween and a teenager

We think How Do You See The World? is great for kids, especially teens and tweens. But take it from Grace, who is a parent to both, and watch her review here.

We also enjoy the interaction between the father and daughter in this video, who show what it’s like to casually play together. You can learn so much by asking questions from the game and really listening to what your parent, child, or partner has to say.

Amazon Reviews

Want to hear more from people who’ve played the game? Then it’s time to break out the Amazon reviews!

From JC: “I absolutely love this game. It is such a blast to play. I recently played it with my friends and some new friends, it was a fun way to find things out about new people and listen to what is important to them. I highly recommend for all ages, as a college student, I will be using this often to get to know other people. Definitely worth the purchase!

From Giff Crosby:We got this simple and brilliant game maybe two weeks ago. It has already sparked several priceless, evening-long, revelation-filled conversations with family and friends that I don’t think we’d have ever had without it.

From Lora Mays: “Love this! It has a permanent place in my kitchen and is used as frequently as the salt and pepper. We often pull a single card and read a single question but other times we play for hours. Always amazed by the responses (my own and others).

However you play, we hope you enjoy the game, too! Let us know what you think anytime.

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