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Beyond Photos: Capturing Moments in Unique Ways

Last week we shared tips from professionals about ways to better capture the important moments of life through photography. And we also pointed out that you don’t have to take photos to remember something: you can also write. Capturing moments can happen in a variety of ways, so for those of you who prefer to not be in front of or behind the camera, we have some great tips and ideas on capturing those important feelings and memories that make all of our lives better.

Collecting Memories with Stories

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Although this article is over a year old, the suggestions are still great and worth checking out. It tackles the “art of remembering,” and offers so many great ideas for how you can collect memories in unique ways. From telling stories aloud to gathering memories and details from friends and family, there are lots of new ways to think about what it means to “capture a moment.”

If you like to tell stories out loud and preserve the great oral tradition of storytelling, then this article has step-by-step instructions for how to ask questions, capture the essence of the story, and so much more. Plus, it offers a FAQ section and gives help for standard problems that arise for most people doing this for the first time.

The New Age of Scrapbooking

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Creating scrapbooks for a special moment is certainly not new. Many people use this for baby books, wedding albums, and engagement keepsakes, too. But it doesn’t have to be just for those particular moments. You can try scrapbooking for any special event or memory or create albums that span an entire year. Plus, there are lots of digital ways to scrapbook now, so the binders don’t have to take up precious storage space.

This mom’s blog offers some good ideas on capturing memories of her kids and offers tips on layout, design, and more to get you started. If you still feel weary of the idea of scrapbooking, then this blog is for you. Want to make movies or create a digital scrapbook? The blog has all the ways for you to get started.

Draw and Paint Your Way to Memories

pink paper and other crafting supplies

If you like to draw, paint, or use watercolors then you can put your skills to good use because art can help you form and solidify memories! As this article explains, drawing boosts your memory by incorporating multiple senses as opposed to photos, which just focus on one. So grab your sketchbook and start collecting your most favorite moments.

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