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The Best Ways to Capture the Moment

When you are in the midst of an important moment or event, you often don’t have the time to stop and think about the best way to capture it. Since we can’t stop time (yet), often the moments pass us by and then we have some regret on either not capturing the moment at all or not in the way we had hoped. To combat that feeling, it’s best to have a plan or at least think about what to do before the moment arise.

Our lives are punctuated with many important moments, so we’ve compiled some great tips on what you can do to be better prepared for the more spontaneous ones and for the ones that take months to plan, too.

Notes from the Professionals

Who better to turn to than professional photographers? Most of the time when we think about “capturing the moment,” we mean with a photograph. And with the proliferation of cameras in our phones and tablets, it’s easy to quickly capture any moment in time. But if you want more than just a quick iPhone snap, there are things to consider. Some of the best photographers in the world work for National Geographic and they have some great tips in this article.

Pulitzer Prize winners have also chimed in on what makes a photo good and how to capture a shot emotionally, too, in this great article. It’s full of inspiration and shows that you don’t have to be a seasoned photographer to capture a truly meaningful moment.

Tips for Travel Photography

If you’re like most people, you take many more photos when you are traveling. Think about all those new sights and experiences that we want to record and have for later, when the stress of daily life makes us yearn for the past getaways. Check out this blog for good ideas on how to stage and capture moments when traveling.

And if you want even more concrete tips, then this blog has answers for you from lighting to staging and a lot more. And these tips are applicable to everyday photos and travel.  

Capturing Moments Beyond Photography

Although most of us think of photos when we talk about capturing a moment in our lives, there are other options for those who want to diversify their memories or want to not be attached to their phones at events. The Write Practice offers some advice for how you can capture a moment through writing. This blog offers some unique ideas on how to be present in the moment and then how to capture what you experienced through writing. It would be a wonderful challenge, especially if writing isn’t something you explore often.

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