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Device-Free Holiday Party Ideas

It’s holiday party season! Which means it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and bring people together to celebrate what the season is all about: connecting with the people you care about.

All those fun game nights and craft afternoons you attend the rest of the year are a great way to connect with people during the holiday season, too. Start your new year (and new decade!) resolutions now by focusing on creating opportunities to spend quality time with people, rather than focusing exclusively on buying tons of gifts. We’ve got some easy ideas to get you started on bringing people together in new and interesting ways this holiday season.

Have Your Own Bake Off

Who doesn’t love a cozy episode of The Great British Bake Off? It gets almost any viewer in the mood to try their hand at baking. This year, consider turning your holiday party into a holiday bake off.

You can have people bake the ugliest fruit cake they can and then have partygoers take a vote. Winner gets to not take home a fruit cake, perhaps? Or you can set out a table full of cookie decorating options and let people go wild with some holiday decorating.

You can also turn your holiday party into a bake off potluck. That means lots of extra delicious treats for everyone to enjoy and you can have some small prizes for the top winners.

Give Your Game Night a Holiday Twist

friends playing games together

Instead of breaking out the usual games, aim for games that are either holiday inspired or bring out the essence of the holiday season. Authentic Agility’s game How Do You See the World? is a great option since the purpose of the game is to better understand and get to know your friends and family. Pull some questions that people often think about as the new year approaches and ask your friends what they think. You never know what you might learn! And you may just have similar goals that you can work on together.

You can also play a game of Banangrams or Scrabble, but add a twist that whoever makes the most words that are holiday-themed wins the round. Or gather up ideas for a good game of charades, but make sure they are themed around your favorite holiday.

Add A Gift Wrap Station

Most partygoers will have gifts to wrap and no time to wrap them. This is an especially handy option to have for your partygoers if your holiday party is happening a bit later in December. Plus, everyone can enjoy some snacks and beverages while they wrap presents. It’s a win all around.

Allow Pajamas

How about a pajama party with board games? We aren’t talking a sleepover, but being able to relax in silly holiday-themed pajamas just might get your guests to relax a bit more and stop looking at their devices. It can be a new way to do the “ugly Christmas sweater” party and keep people interested and sharing a good laugh.

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