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The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Person Who Has Everything

The holiday season is already a stressful (and fun!) time. But what if you have someone on your gift buying list who already has everything? We’re talking about that person who just seems impossible to buy for. Don’t worry though, readers, we are here to help you! And even if you don’t have someone on your list who fits this description, our curated gift idea list is useful for anyone looking for a unique gift option. In the days of Marie Kondo, many people are trying to get rid of things. So instead of adding to the pile of stuff this holiday, consider one of these thoughtful gifts for the special people in your life.

Gift A Screen-Free Day

When was the last time you spent an entire day with a spouse, partner, best friend, or family member and you didn’t look at your phone? Not just at a meal or while having a glass of wine. We mean not looking at your phone at all. Phones and devices are certainly necessary, don’t get us wrong. But putting the phone away and really taking a day to connect with someone, face-to-face, is an incredible gift. Of course, this day will take two to make it worthwhile! But you might just be surprised how much you, and the gift recipient, will enjoy it.

Set a plan for the day, whether that includes meals at favorite restaurants, a hike or walk outside, or browsing bookstores for inspiration. Make sure you have lots of plans so you don’t feel that pull to grab the phone.

This kind of gift is also a great chance to get to know them better, too. You could bring along How Do You See the World? to ask each other important questions that run deeper than what we normally talk about.

Give The Gift of Memories

Giving the gift of memories can come in many shapes, but we especially love when people travel to see others. The gift is the travel: the time, the money, or the combination of the two. As so many more Americans are moving to cities and states far away for jobs, communities of friends and family have to rely more on virtual hangouts and catchups. If it’s financially feasible for you, traveling to visit those you love is an incredible gift to give. You can also let the recipient know well in advance and then you get to plan the trip together! Who doesn’t like to plan a fun trip?

An equally lovely option (and easier on the pocketbook) is a special photobook from Shutterfly. They offer great promotions throughout December, so gather up your favorite photos and create a wonderful album that you can have in just days (we promise it’s not too late)! And you can always scan or take photos of physical photographs to add to the book, too. That makes it extra special.

Self-Care Package

Everyone needs time for self care and for many people, taking that kind of time is a real luxury. You can help those you care about to make sure they take time to relax and rest by gifting a self-care package. Not sure if this is the way to go? We’ve written previously about why self-care is so important. Self-care isn’t selfishness; instead, it’s a way to keep ourselves strong, healthy, and available to be present in our relationships.

Creating a self-care package should take into account the receiver’s personality. We don’t recommend buying a one-size-fits-all spa package and expecting all of your friends and family members to embrace it. Besides, what spa package would fit all?

Instead, imagine yourself in their shoes and create a day or series of events that would help them relax. One person might genuinely appreciate a spa day, involving a massage, a glass of champagne, and just some time to themselves to recharge. Another person’s ideal self-care package could include a book on meditation, a National Parks Pass to encourage and empower them to get into nature to hike, and a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Once you’ve decided on a few ideas, assemble them together in a self-care package. This could be in a box, a gift basket, or an envelope, depending on what you’re giving.

A Get To Know You Game: How Do You See the World?

Pieces of the game How Do You See the World - a get-to-know-you game.
How Do You See the World?

Authentic Agility’s raison d’être is to facilitate important conversations in order to deepen relationships and help us see the world from new perspectives. It’s surprising how our game impacts everyone who encounters it: we’ve watched a diversity of people play it, including strangers who have never met each other, and parents with their grown children, who have known each other for thirty years or more. No matter who is playing the game, discoveries are made and new perspectives are revealed.

Of course we’re biased, but we truly believe that How Do You See the World? is the perfect gift for someone who has everything. They can play the game with old friends and family, and with new people who come into their lives. Each individual relationship we have in the world is a unique gift. This game allows everyone who plays it to tap into the potential our relationships have to make us more authentic, more agile, and more capable of compassion and transformation.

We’re available on Amazon and all of our proceeds go to supporting organizations that create education and entrepreneurial opportunities. Want to know more? Check out our why we care page.

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