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How Do You See The World? Review Time!

We know that we love our game How Do You See The World? and you know that we love it, but we realize that everyone can’t just take our word for it. If you’ve been curious about the game, but haven’t yet committed to adding it to your game night collection, then we have a few reviews just for you.

Take it from these people, who have played the game and are happy to share their surprise, experiences, and more with you. And if you decide to take the plunge and buy the game, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you learned or what surprised you when you played with others. And even better, how you surprised yourself. You never know what you may be asked and what you uncover about yourself.

How The Game Helps Those Who Are a Bit Shy

Feel shy at parties or events? Not sure what questions to ask? Check out this review from Heather who shares those feelings and had a great experience with the game!

Top Review Comments from Amazon

open box showing the cards of the game how do you see the world?

Reviewers have been sharing their thoughts about the game for some time on Amazon, but we’ve compiled some of our favorites that get at the real heart (and fun!) of the game.

From Caren: “I could not have predicted the great conversations that took place and the the things I learned about my own kids and how they see the world. Our friends loved it as well and I think just bought the last copy on Amazon. Highly recommend this great new game as a connector, unifier and fantastic break from the divided screen-filled world we live in. Thank you!!

And don’t worry, there are plenty of copies available online!

From Shelley: “Amazing game for opening your mind, learning about yourself and friends, provoking thought, acceptance and change. Play alone for some soul searching or with family and friends to learn about each other and deepen relationships. It WOWs me everytime I pick it up.

From G Rand: “I have used these cards with my family (including teens who rarely talk!), at a dinner with some colleagues, and with friends. Every time I’ve played I’ve seen people open up and share information in inspiring ways. Everyone has walked away seeming a bit awestruck by the conversations that ensued and the things we learned about each other. I’ve seen and played with other games that have the same idea but I’ve never seen one where the questions were just so…perfect! Really, it’s clear that tremendous thought was put into these. I heard about these from a friend and am so glad I took the leap to buy them. I think they will be a go-to gift for me to give in the future.

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