How Playing Games Can Refresh Any Tired Trip

Summer is about travel for so many people and families. You might be on a plane, a long road trip across the country, or even just escaping nearby for a staycation. We all want to relax, have fun, and connect with our people during the lovely summer months. But what can you do when kids get tired or the conversation reduces to a trickle? Games are a great way to mix things up and inject some energy. Below are some ideas that we hope will keep any vacation you might take this summer fun and lively!

Fighting the Dull on Road Trips

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Road trips usually start out with everyone excited, singing along to songs, and talking about dreams. But somewhere around hour 6 or 8, things might start to shift. Especially if you're on the road with kids or teens. If you've played all the standard road trips games such as punch buggy or any of the license plate games, consider taking out some cards from How Do You See The World? You can have people roll the dice or you can pose a question you know will get people in the car thinking.

Asking something like "How would you describe the perfect dream vacation?" just might get that teen of yours talking. And if you're on the road with friends, you might learn something knew and could even start planning a future trip if you share a similar dream.

Ways to Make a Flight Seem Short

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Most of us pass the time on a flight with a book, movie, or maybe even some podcasts. Sometimes there's that rare fun conversation with a seat mate that helps make the flight pass quickly. But watching movies and being isolated via headphones may not be how you want to spend the start of your vacation with a partner, family, or friends this summer.

Instead of zoning out, try tuning in with some questions from How Do You See The World? Asking things such as "If you could live your dream reality, what would it look like?" or "If you could live anywhere on the planet, where would it be and why?" can turn a dull plane trip into a thought-provoking and exciting one.

Even if you aren't traveling with someone this summer, consider having a few questions in your pocket should you decide to strike up a conversation with a friendly seatmate.


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