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How Do You See the World?

Original Version

Authentic Agility Game's original best-selling tabletop conversation game How Do you see the world


With open-ended questions that span everything from humor to thought-provoking issues, Authentic Agility’s original card game, How Do You See the World?, is less about breaking the ice and more about examining it.


  • 1 die
  • 5 warm-up cards
  • 100 cards
  • 500 questions
  • 1 keepsake box

Explore Questions from How Do You See the World?

Authentic Agility Games How Do You See the World reflection category


What is your life motto?
Authentic Agility Games How Do You See the World relationship card category


How do you best connect with others?
Authentic Agility Games How Do You See the World aspiration card category


What motivates you?
Authentic Agility Games How Do You See the World lifes purpose card category


Name 5 of your favorite things.
Authentic Agility Games How Do You See the World beliefs card category


What is your strongest belief?


  • "Amazing game for opening your mind, learning about yourself and friends, provoking thought, acceptance and change. Play alone for some soul searching or with family and friends to learn about each other and deepen relationships. 
    It WOWs me every time I pick it up."    
     —Amazon Reviewer

  • "This game is not only fun, but it is a great way for family and friends to have meaningful discussions about what is important to them and what individuals value. 
    Be ready for some surprises . . . !"  
    —Amazon Reviewer

  • "Absolutely the best conversation game I've ever played. Awesome for parties or just to create family dialogue." 
    —Amazon Reviewer

A Different Kind of Game

How Do You See the World? is a fun way to share and take in different perspectives on all aspects of life. And purchasing it can help shift someone else’s perspective, too. We donate our game proceeds to organizations that advance education and entrepreneurial initiatives.
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