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Talking about Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and whether you’re celebrating with someone special or not, it’s a good day to at least do something special for you. When most of us think “Valentine’s Day,” we think of roses and chocolates and often expensive restaurant dinners. And for some of you, that’s a great night and exactly what you want. But whether you’re spending the day alone or with someone, we have some great ideas and videos for you to explore that talk about loving yourself and taking care of yourself, too.

This year, make Valentine’s Day about taking care of you, in a big or small way. You can still celebrate the one you love, but don’t forget about you!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with video

Spending the evening relaxing on the couch? Take a break from Netflix and check out some of these great TED Talks about love and relationships. They may just inspire you to reach out to someone you’ve been thinking about recently or inspire some great conversations with your significant other. Either way, taking a little time to think about what love means to you (and what it looks like) is a great way to spend part of Valentine’s Day.

Journey of a couple

You can start your video journey on Valentine’s Day with the gem from Alec Seth and Stacey Baker. They start at the largest speed dating event, held in Las Vegas, and show the remarkable journey that couples go through from meeting to building a life together.

Let’s talk about love

This fantastic talk with Mandy Len Catron tackles the different ways we think about love and what it really means. And also how to grow it over time! This is a great video for people who want to think about how to keep love growing and going overtime.

Games for all on Valentine’s Day

We also really love spending part of Valentine’s Day looking at the relationship questions from How Do You See The World? You can ask these questions of your significant other or just yourself. And if you’re having a friends night, then pose some of the questions there, too. The cards will help you, and others, think about what really matters to you and what shaped your ideas of relationships.

Curious about what types of questions you’ll find? Here are a few examples from the game:

  • How do you connect best with others?
  • How do you show yourself love?
  • How many times have you fallen in love?

However you celebrate this year, we hope you spend a little time on yourself and get to know what love really means for you.

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