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The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

If you are in a Human Resources department at any company, then you probably already know a lot about this topic. One of the top buzzwords right now is diversity. And we don’t just mean a group of diverse ethnicities. Diversity can mean economic backgrounds, race, gender, and experience.

Such diversities mean that businesses or organizations then have a much greater diversity of thought. Why is that important? Diversity of thought leads to more creative solutions to problems, pushing the boundaries further and in more creative ways, and generally results in greater success for any organization.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite talks and articles about the importance of diversity, especially diverse thoughts. If you haven’t played How Do You See The World? or Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? yet, then you’re really missing out! These games are a quick entry into seeing the power and positivity that comes from celebrating diverse voices.

Articles on diversity

Let’s start with some of our favorite articles tackling diversity in the workplace. This article from Forbes asks the question: “Is there still anyone out there who doesn’t think that workplace diversity is a good thing?” You might be surprised how many organizations are NOT talking about diversity. If you’re in HR, does your organization talk about the importance of diverse voices?

Sling also tackles the top ways that diversity can support and sustain a business. One of the top ways: employee engagement. Having a diverse workforce means your employees are more likely to engage with one another and feel part of a team.

Sometimes when we talk about making things more diverse in workplaces, there’s a tendency to overlook the struggles or complications that organizations might face. Culture Amp tackles those head on in this excellent article and provides some creative solutions for getting over the hurdles.

Experts on diversity

If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you know we love the experts featured on TED Talks! And this topic is no exception. Take Janet Stovall: she gets serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and asks important questions such as “How do we get there?” Don’t miss this incredible, candid talk from Stovall.

Another great TED Talk comes from Rocío Lorenzo. She talks about how diversity makes teams more innovative and how any robust company is going to have great diversity behind it.

If you’re in Human Resources or working for a diverse company, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your experiences and what gains you’ve seen from embracing diverse thoughts, experiences, and more.

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