What Drives Us to Connect? -- Part 1

When you think back on the friends you made in school, college, and then eventually at work, was there something that drew you to them? What made you connect as friends? And especially when thinking of friends we met as children and then keep as adults, what connected you to them? And how did that connection sustain over the decades? 

We have a lot of questions about connection: what drives it, how we manage it, and many others. So we wanted to see what experts have to say about connection in the hope that it will help us, and you, better understand it. 

Why We Care About Connection

The root of our games, How Do You See The World? and Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? is connection. By asking our friends, family, and coworkers questions from the game, it creates opportunities for us to connect with others. Maybe we share a similar value, or maybe we have opposite ones! Either way, you come to understand something deeper about yourself and the other person in your life. 

Connection is at the heart of our games. And if you haven’t tried them yet, be sure to get a copy and bring them to your next game night, family dinner, or party. You just don’t know what new (and surprising!) connections you might make. 

How to Connect With Others

Aside from our great games that we mentioned, there are lots of other ways to connect to people. But you don’t have to take our word for it. TED (of TEDTalk fame) has many great videos about ways you can open up to connecting with others. 

Brene Brown starts us off with the power of vulnerability. Brown studies human connection and in this funny and insightful talk she gets at the heart of connection: vulnerability. This one is not to be missed, because with true vulnerability can come deep and meaningful connection. 

Connecting With Strangers

If you need something a bit more...practical, or perhaps tangible, then this short talk from Hannah Brencher is for you. Hannah wrote love letters to strangers to help her with depression and the results are nothing short of amazing. 

Have we peaked your interest in connection? We hope so! And stay tuned for the second installment.

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