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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: why can’t we all just get along? In the wake of more division (be it political, religious, economics, or something else) across many communities, this question keeps coming up in conversation. Why do we struggle to get along with our friends and family? What happened to the connections that we felt in our relationships and communities? Where did that togetherness go? 

You’re not alone in wondering about these questions. Many people have asked the same questions, too. We’ve rounded-up some thought-provoking and engaging videos to help expand the conversation and maybe even answer some of these questions. 

Getting Along By Listening To One Another

The New York Times published an article that really digs into the question of how people can get along. In it’s nuanced take, by looking at voters, it shows how people can cross boundaries and find connection through truly listening to one another. By listening, we can begin to understand people who may think or feel differently than we do. And that creates bridges to understanding and connection. 

The Building Blocks of Connection

When confronted with some people, it can feel impossible to imagine getting along with them. I’m sure everyone can think of a moment where they met someone and thought “we will NEVER get along!” But there are building blocks to creating connections–with anyone! And this article from LifeHack has 9 steps that will help anyone. Whether you’re struggling to get along with your teenager, a partner, or a coworker, these steps are great reminders of how to be open, to listen, and to engage. 

We Don’t Get Along Because We Shouldn’t

This article from Entrepreneur Magazine, written by Steve Tobak, tackles the titular question of this blog post and explains that “‘Because we can’t. Conflict is part of human nature. It’s as true at home as it is at work. The modern workplace is a veritable petrie dish of conflicting viewpoints and dysfunctional behavior. It’s a wonder anything gets done at all,’ or something to that effect.” 

Maybe we all can’t get along…because we shouldn’t. Perhaps our veritable conflicts drive us to better resolutions and problem solving. What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

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