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Why We Care: How Your Purchase Helps Others

Did you know that whenever someone purchases How Do You See The World? we send ALL of the proceeds to nonprofit organizations? Thinking about giving a game as a gift this year? Or even treating yourself? Your choice means that you’re not only giving a fun game that creates connection between people, but you’re also helping to support wonderful organizations doing incredible work in our communities. Check out details of where the proceeds go below and spread the word!

Real Support for Education

We believe in supporting educational and entrepreneurial initiatives and we know the importance of education–it opens doors for everyone. That’s why all of the proceeds from How Do You See The World? go toward organizations that advance the initiatives we believe in.

Families Empowered

This organization helps families in Texas find the school that’s right for them. Navigating the new school systems, that are changing all the time, is a stressful process for any parent. And it’s important to make sure children have equal access to schools and that they attend a school that’s right for them. That’s where Families Empowered comes in.

They’ve helped over 90,000 families and make the process easy and transparent. If you’re in Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, this organization is a fantastic resource. Families Empowered will lay our your options clearly and help you apply for schools with one easy form–no multiple copies needed! Reach out to them today.

Stand Together Foundation

“The Stand Together Foundation is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting the creative solutions of individuals and organizations who are driving dynamic entrepreneurship in communities across the country and helping people transform their lives.” We took this quote directly from the Stand Together Foundation site because it so perfectly captures what they do! This organization is making powerful change for people every day by fighting poverty.

With a vast network of vetted nonprofits, Stand Together is empowering good organizations to be even better and to help more people. They focus on supporting people addressing addiction and recovery, financial empowerment and entrepreneurship, homeless, workforce development, and so much more.


The organization EMERGE is shining a spotlight on smart students who perform well and are from underserved communities. EMERGE has programs in place to help these students attend and graduate from select colleges and universities across the US and makes sure their high school success continues into higher education.

Based in Houston, Texas, EMERGE serves over 2400 students across 5 school districts, with two more joining their program this coming year. And EMERGE’s programs are working! 97% of students who work with the organization go on to a four-year college or university. That’s incredible success and we are proud to support their efforts.

ACE Scholarships

ACE Scholarships awards financial scholarships to students from low-income families so they can attend the school of their choice to help them fulfill their potential. ACE wants to make sure that fewer students fall through the educational cracks and the scholarships they offer help make the financial reality of school something that is possible and manageable.

And they don’t just the financial cost of a college education. Grade school can be expensive, too, especially when children attend public districts suffering budget cuts. ACE is there to help children at every stage of school. And they make sure success is available to all.

Grameen Bank

Grameen Bank provides microcredit loans and access to funds to the poorest people living in rural Bangladesh. These loans most often support women who can start small businesses in their local communities and begin to create income for themselves and their children. Microcredit loans come with very reasonable terms and are meant to support communities and not put them under the duress of debt. The Grameen Bank services over 81,000 villages and has over 9 million members.

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